Adopt a Spot

Ardmore's Adopt-A-Spot allows businesses or individual citizens to be involved in caring for a designated area of our community - a neighborhood block, a park or a median. Click here to see photos.

The City of Ardmore and the Ardmore Beautification Council, jointly sponsor this program (see below.) The adopter will provide maintenance and litter pickup on a regular basis for their designated area. To become an adopter contact the Ardmore Beautification Council office - 223-2230.


The ABC and the City of Ardmore recognize the need and the desirability of a cleaner, more beautiful community. Your participation is important to the success of this program. For your safety, it is necessary that any individual or group desiring to participate abide by the following rules and regulations and signify their intention to do so by signing this agreement.

  1. Participants agree to obey and abide by all laws and regulations relating to safety required by the City of Ardmore and/or the state of Oklahoma.

    1. Participants will be required to wear bright clothes while caring for their site and an orange safety vest

    2. All participants must be 21 years or older. If an individual or group, age 15-21, desires to participate in the Adopt-A-Program, adult sponsorship will be required.

    3. Participants will not possess or consume alcoholic beverages while at the Adopt-A- Program location.

    4. It is recommended that the participants attend a safety meeting. A copy of ab informational CD is free and available for you by calling 223-2230.

  2. It is understood the Adopt-A-Program participants will do the following on a regular and timely basis for as long as the agreement is in effect:

    1. Keep the designated area weed free (exempt if site is on a roadway or highway) 

    2. Keep the designated area litter free

    3. Inform the ABC office 223-2230 of any problems that might arise, i.e., vandalism, excessive trash, etc.

The planter bed on the east side of City Hall, 23 S. Washington, is an Adopt-A-Spot partnership between the City of Ardmore and ABC Trustees.

*Ardmore Beautification Council will provide trash bags, litter pickup sticks, orange safety vests and rubber gloves to participants.

*The City of Ardmore will provide a sign in the designated area with the adopter's name on it .