Where to Recycle

Aluminum Cans - Habitat for Humanity 580-775-0719

Appliances - Ardmore Beautification Council 580-223-2285

- SORD 580-226-1276 ($10 per appliance with Freon)

Batteries - Battery Warehouse, Lowes, Button's Auto Electric

Cell Phones - Cell Phones for Life

Clothes - Check local churches

Computers & Parts - United Electronic Recycling 580-366-2225, jhayes@uerteam.com

Eyeglasses - Lions Club Members

Hazardous Wastes - Oklahoma DEQ 800-522-0206

Ink Cartridges - Ardmore Beautification Council, Staples

Iron & Metal - OK Iron & Metal

Newspaper - Ardmore Animal Care 580-223-7070

Pesticides (Ardmore) - Ardmore Water Pollution Control 580-220-2831

Plastic Bags - Loaves & Fishes, Wal-Mart

Recycling Drop-off CentersCity of Ardmore Operation Pride (Plastic bags, bottles, newspaper, aluminum, Christmas trees - no trash or household garbage)

-Michelin/MTC Credit Union (Cardboard, newspaper, plastic)

TV's - Staples ($10 per TV)

Tires - Local Tire Dealers, SORD

Wine Bottles - Main Street Wine Depot 580-223-4441 (Leave at back door)

Additional Information - Dispose of Cathode-ray tube (CRT) TV's, etc. Visit Earth 911 Type zip code in for drop-off recycling centers.